The most common questions before a meeting.

How to book

The date is booked after signing the contract and making a pre-payment of €100. Message me or call to find out if your date is available.

Extra hours

Yes, you can extend any package for 1-2 hours. The cost of an extra hour is €70. This time can be discussed, both at the meeting and taken directly on the wedding day.

Additional lighting stuff

This is an extended set of flashes and light stands, which is necessary for shooting in banquet halls and restaurants with insufficient lighting.

pre-wedding shooting

A few words about "lovestory" and why it is better to do it before the wedding.

Lovestory is a short photo shoot together

The shooting lasts 2-3 hours, and most often, it looks like a walk around the city. But there are a lot of ideas for a lovestory: at your home or in a photo studio, with a pet, at dinner in a cafe, a boat ride. This shoot can be made as personal as possible and tell about you and your hobbies through a photo.

Perfect time and weather

Unlike a wedding photo shoot, a lovestory can be shot any day, and in case of bad weather, just postpone the shooting. And you can also choose an unusual time of day, for example, at sunset or late in the evening. The wedding photo session is almost always in the afternoon.

Remove the excitement in front of the camera

Lovestory is a great reason to get to know each other better. Understanding how a photographer works and communicates will reduce your excitement in front of the camera on your wedding day. If you have any questions about how to behave and what to do during a photo shoot, I advise you to take a lovestory shoot.

Lovestory – €160


Thank you very much for the photo, I've never experienced so many emotions from viewing photos, you conveyed everything as much as possible! I laughed and smiled so much, all our guests were impressed! Better than any movie or video, it's just a shock how many unnoticed details!

Daria & Mike 13.08.21

Misha, the photos are just candy! You are a real pro, and we are happy you shared this amazing day with us! And thank you so much for your understanding and support! I hope it was pleasant and comfortable for you to work with us. Tonight we will arrange a full-length viewing.

Albina & Denis 27.02.22

Misha, thank you so much! For sharing this day with us and being a part of our event! It's like we got into our day again, every photo is art! This will be our favourite movie!

Lera & Dima 06.08.21

Misha, we just can't get enough of it. Each of our innermost moments is so stunningly conveyed! And emotions! And in general, the photos tell the day's atmosphere so accurately! So you look and directly relive everything that happened, only now savouring every single moment. Just amazing! Just words cannot express how grateful we are to you!

Julia & Ilya 25.12.21

Misha Kors, do you want the coolest review from all the guests? And the main one from my mom is that we look like those we see in the mirror, we look like ourselves! God and everyone like it! Misha, it's just flaming!

Vadim & Polina 23.09.21
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